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Ernesto Fuentes
Lic. # 103825
PCBL # 38911
Lake & Pond Maintenance - Fuentes Lake & Pond Management
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Lake & Pond Maintenance
Keep your lake or pond clean and free from stubborn weeds and pests all year round with our proven techniques.

Sacramento Pond Maintenance Services

We offer regular pond maintenance programs and lake management services in our area.

We’ll Keep it Clean!

Having a pond or lake is a lot of work with tens if not hundreds of weeds just waiting for the right moment to start the invasion.

Pond Maintenance & Weed Control

As a population and a part of the environment, we are using more and more fertilizer in our lawn, garden, etc. and the pond or lake is usually the recipient of the runoff. By combining aeration and regular maintenance we are able to keep the water body in good conditions. Regardless of the maintenance, once in a while we experiment with algae blooms or the beginning of an infestation. Preventive care is the key for a pond or lake stay in good condition.

How We Keep it Clean

We combine manual removal, herbicides and algaecides and aeration, trying to limit the use of pesticides.