Services We Provide

Harvesting Aquatic Weeds
Since 2012, we have led the effort to develop machines, tools and techniques to clean ponds and lakes free from
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Aeration & Fountains
We are PROUD DISTRIBUTORS of Airmax Aeration and fountains and we have units for all pond and lake sizes. AERATION
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Aquatic Herbicide Application
Fuentes Lake and Pond Management is fully Licensed by the state of California in the aquatic pest control area. We perform
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Lake & Pond Maintenance
POND AND LAKE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS We offer regular maintenance programs in our area. Having a pond or lake is a
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From another satisfied client!

"We had a massive infestation of duckweed,watermeal, and water fern within the UC Davis Arboretum Waterway.  In some places, it was over 2-inches thick!  With over seven acres of pond area, the problem was beyond what we could handle internally. Fuentes Lake and Pond Management provided us with very fast turnaround on both a cost estimate as well as a start-work date.  This rapid response helped prevent the problem from worsening even more.  We were impressed with the production rate that Fuentes was able to sustain, clearing the entire project area in 15 working days.  Their method is quiet, clean, requires no chemicals, and allowed visitors to observe the cleaning process.  Since we are an educational institution, keeping our visitors informed is one of our priorities.  We received numerous compliments on the improved aesthetic quality of the water from community members, both as the cleaning was ongoing, as well as afterwards.  Based on our experience, we would highly recommend Fuentes Lake and Pond Management to anyone.  In fact, we are using them again to clean additional parts of our waterway!"