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Lake & Pond Management

Professional Lake & Pond Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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Near the Sacramento Area


We offer many services to keep your lake or pond clean and weed free!

Aquatic Weeds

With our pond cleaning services, we are able to effectively clean ponds and lakes with little or no use of aquatic herbicides. We are able in some circumstances to clean more than 99% of the weeds in a small amount of time seeing very fast results.

Aeration & Fountains

An aeration system in your pond or lake is key for creating the perfect pond whether you use your pond for swimming, fishing or just for looks. The benefits provided by bottom diffused aeration will keep your water clean, clear and balanced all season long.

Aquatic Herbicide

Fuentes Lake and Pond Management is fully Licensed by the state of California in the aquatic pest control area. We perform applications for the control of aquatic weeds and algae. The herbicides are used in small amounts after clearing out most weeds.

Harvesting Aquatic Weeds

Having a pond or lake is a lot of work with tens if not hundreds of weeds just waiting for the right moment to start the invasion.  What sets us apart is how we harvest aquatic weeds with our very own Anaconda Boom.

Our Product

Cleaning and maintaining lakes and ponds has never been easier with our very own way of gathering and harvesting aquatic weeds.

Our booms are capable of cleaning small and large bodies of water with ease.  They are lightweight, compact, durable, simple to attach to each other, and easy to repair.
Our Work

Cleaning and maintenance on lakes and ponds in the Auburn and Sacramento area

Preventative care is key for a lake or pond to stay in good condition

Lake & Pond Maintenance

We offer regular pond maintenance programs and lake management services in our area. Having a pond or lake is a lot of work with tens if not hundreds of weeds just waiting for the right moment to start the invasion.

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We’ll get rid of noxious weeds, reeds and water plants that alter the natural streaming of your lake or pond.