The first time when we were able to make our conveyor work harvesting a big mass of Azolla. It felt great!

“Azolla compost has a bright future in agriculture. The possibilities are simply endless.”

The results were good. The results were good.

A very special thanks to Bob Smotherman for helping with ideas, enthusiasm, resources and friendship to develop this project and maybe someday we will make more of this great idea.

With azolla compost we were able to grow different kinds of vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, leaks, peas, onions, tomatoes, peppers (many varieties including habaneros; my favorites) strawberries, cilantro, etc.

We believe using azolla and other floating weeds compost has a great potential in small scale farming. The advantages are endless. I this particular situation we used azolla compost and azolla and soil mix. In both situations we had good results. Azolla provided the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements for the plants good yield. 

Putting the azolla  and azolla and soil mix in the tubes has a great advantage where you don’t have a good soil for farming, you can do this method even in bare rock, concrete etc.

We used a weed barrier on top of the ground; and then compost tubes on top; and after that we used wood chips to fill the space in between.

We didn’t have to weed the garden at all and with the drip irrigation the garden produced a lot of vegetables.

Planting several vegetables with the azolla compost. Planting several vegetables with the azolla compost. Thai peppers.   Thai peppers.