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Harvesting Aquatic Weeds

Since 2012, we have led the effort to develop machines, tools and techniques to clean ponds and lakes free from floating aquatic weeds including duckweed, azolla, watermeal and water hyacinth (small areas). Our Mission With our method we are able to effectively clean ponds and lakes with little or no use of aquatic herbicides. We…

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Aeration & Fountains

We are PROUD DISTRIBUTORS of Airmax Aeration and fountains and we have units for all pond and lake sizes. AERATION FOR ALL SEASONS Installing an aeration system in your pond or lake is key for creating the perfect pond whether you use your pond for swimming, fishing or just for looks. The benefits provided by…

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Aquatic Herbicide Application

Fuentes Lake and Pond Management is fully Licensed by the state of California in the aquatic pest control area. We perform applications for the control of aquatic weeds and algae. Our Partners

Lake & Pond Maintenance

POND AND LAKE MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS We offer regular maintenance programs in our area. Having a pond or lake is a lot of work with tens if not hundreds of weeds just waiting for the right moment to start the invasion. As a population and a part of the environment, we are using more and more…

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