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Cleanup of the Arboretum waterway

You may have recently noticed that large expanses of the waterway were cleaned of duckweed, azolla, and algae including Spafford Lake and areas west of Putah Creek Lodge. The Fuentes team did a great job in these locations and will now be coming back to work on the narrow waterway canals from the east end…

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With funding from the Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead conservation group, two Fuentes employees waded into a dammed-up area of the stream and worked to gather more of the parrot’s-feather plant – a beautiful but pesky import from the Amazon River region that clogs up waterways throughout the world.          …

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As the UC Davis Arboretum waterway’s eastern half is about to undergo improvements, the rest of the waterway — where algae and aquatic weeds seem to be taking over — is getting cleaned up.                                          …

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UC Davis Campus, Davis CA

See the gallery for this project. This is a link for more information about the UC Davis arboratum waterway cleaning.

Aeration & Fountains

San Francisco Pond Fountains and Lake Aeration

We are PROUD DISTRIBUTORS of Airmax Aeration and fountains with units for all pond and lake sizes. San Francisco Pond Fountains & Aeration Installing an aeration system in your pond or lake is key for creating the perfect pond whether you use your pond for swimming, fishing or just for looks. The benefits provided by…

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Lake & Pond Maintenance

Sacramento Pond Maintenance Services

Sacramento Pond Maintenance Services  Pond & Lake Maintenance Services Near Sacramento We offer regular pond maintenance programs and lake management services in our area. Having a pond or lake is a lot of work with tens if not hundreds of weeds just waiting for the right moment to start the invasion. As a population and…

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San Jose Pond Maintenance

San Jose Pond Maintenance and Aquatic Weed Control

Fuentes Lake and Pond Management is fully Licensed by the state of California in the aquatic pest control area. We perform applications for the control of aquatic weeds and algae. Pond Maintenance & Weed Control – Our Partners